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Floraffiti™ comes to Raleigh, NC

Volunteers from the community and local businesses volunteered to become Floragardeners bringing the words inspired by the Downtown Plan to life to the green spaces of downtown Raleigh. The words can speak to anyone but specifically resonate from the vision of Downtown Raleigh’s future as described in the downtown plan. The words serve as a fun scavenger hunt for all ages, for children learning their letters and words, perhaps a spot to have a yoga class, or an engaging prompt  to create written and visual art ...whatever your imagination comes up with!

You can view an interactive map of words and locations at the DRA website .

Check out the fun everyone had planting.

Click on the map below tailored to runners for an a 5K loop.

Image credit: Donn Young and Carter Hubbard

   Click on the interactive map to run the 4K loop!

Click on the interactive map to run the 4K loop!



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