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< Duke University >

The Sweet Life Illuminated promotes research on industry and consumptive systems with their affects on humanity and global natural environments.  It serves as a doorway for dialog, collaboration, and experimentation among the creator, students, faculty, and staff at the university.  Specific to its placement at Duke, there is an expectation of experimentation and the support for what that will yield; the byproducts, inclusive of mistake and failure, affording unknown tangential possibilities that move us forward in promotion of sustainable systems, practices, and solutions.

< Make Way >

The slice of oak came from a 500 + year old tree cut 25 feet out on one of its branches, 24" in diameter at that point. The leaves were its last generation produced.  The tree was taken down locally to make way for a new house as the owners could not afford the large house they bought that was on the adjoining property where this tree existed.  The tree was forfeited to build a smaller house in its place upon the sale of the larger house.  In general, our society has lost perspective in determining need versus want with a plethora of choices distracting us. With an abundance of new construction of homes that are beyond most people’s needs, how does one justify the means to which this “need” is obtained? What is sacrificed for the illusion of security?  Who or what pays the price for this and the trickle down effect of it?

 < Scrapel Hill Series >

The following 4 galleries exhibit large scaled installations created for the 'Scrapel Hill' series exhibited in University Mall and co-sponsored through the Town of Chapel Hill's Public and Cultural Art's Office.  'Scrapel Hill' requirements stipulate that the pieces be made primarily out of reused or repurposed materials.

Scrapel Hill V, 'Core Samples', 2013

Scrapel Hill IV, 'Cover It Up', 2012 -   Juror's Award, 1st Place

Scrapel Hill III, 'Playing it Safe', 2011

Scrapel Hill II, 'The Sweet Life Illuminated I', 2010 

Double Award Winner: People's Choice & Corporate Choice

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