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Floraffiti™ partnered with Sonny Kelly, a wonderfully upbeat, passionate teacher/story teller, to bring free poetry workshops to the residents of Orange County, NC Spring 2018. Adults and teens bonded as a family discovering what they each had to offer through their creative depths. The process was informed by where they come from and Sonny led these Florapoets to become performers of their powerful words. 

The participants went further to root their words solidly for all to see in the community by planting them around Carrboro with artist facilitator, Carter Hubbard.  These Floragardeners had the opportunity to perform their pieces for the community during the 2nd Friday ArtWalk May 11th, 2018, 6-9pm.

Words were planted in English, Karen (Burmese), and new, smash-up/made up words performed in a variety of ways.



Floraffiti began 6 years ago as a result of a solution to a design challenge when positioning large scaled installation, "Playing It Safe", in a brightly lit venue. A shadow of a word could not be cast onto the floor of the space as intended.   Next best idea... dirt was hauled into the space and the first Floraffiti word was planted.


The Floraffiti workshop participants will create group and solo spoken word poetry, practicing and learning to perform their pieces for a public audience. Each person will plant a selected word from their piece and performed around it when it is in full bloom, during the 2nd Friday ArtWalk in May, 2018.

Floraffiti is a public art placemaking, community engagement project that is taking place this Spring 2018 in Chapel Hill and Carrboro.  Large scaled words will be seeded in mulched areas around the two towns in prominent areas growing from March through June 2018.

Including the writing workshop words, all of the words discovered throughout the towns have come from community input, cultural aspects important to the community, a reflection of the times, the relationship of the physical surroundings to the planted words,  and response to existing words planted in the past.


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