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Bringing Words to Life and Life to Words

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What exactly is FloraFFiti?!

FloraFFiti is a public art placemaking, community engagement project that began in 2013. Large scaled words are seeded in mulched areas that are underutilized in their position and potential aesthetic function. The words are located in both prominent areas, aimed at visitors’ commonplaces as well is in surprising places, more obvious to the local community. 

Floraffiti as a place making tool

Place making initiatives such as FloraFFiti aid in creating a sustainable visitor destination, reflecting a town actively invested in the welfare of all ages of the community and values its cultural identity by cultivating a stimulating means of strategic economic development. The words create destination points along retail corridors promoting passersby and event goers to spend money at the local businesses.

Youth and Community Development

FloraFFiti serves as a positive catalyst of individual, socio-cultural, and environmental well-being in the community. This project successfully builds community giving people an opportunity to use their voice and express what is important to them in a positive, self-affirming atmosphere. It combines two art forms, spoken word poetry and temporary urban garden art, in a distinctive way to present and digest information, responding to the local climate and embodying their local stories.

How do you choose the words?

The content for the selection of the works is comes from community input, response to existing words, cultural aspects important to the community, the relationship of the physical surroundings to the planted words, and a reflection of the current times.  This project activates liminal spaces connecting open spaces that encourages interaction with the natural environment.


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community response

floraffiti community response

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