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Chapel Hill & Carrboro, NC
Sponsorship 2018

Now in its 6th year, Floraffiti is excited that your business is interested in partnering to bring this project and event to Chapel Hill and Carrboro for 2018. This innovative, award winning tool teaches lifelong empowering tools to teens and adults through workshops that are designed to elevate their voice in the community in a public setting.

Floraffiti is recognized as a cultural placemaking tool and economic driver by Town of Chapel Hill, Town of Carrboro, Orange County Visitors Bureau, Carrboro Tourism Development Authority, Chapel Hill Downtown Partnership, the PTA Thrift Shop, Carrboro Coffee Roasters,  & Open Eye Café.

To find out more about Floraffiti, check out the site.

~New for 2018~

This year, a geo location app that contains podcasts of the performances and information about the project will continue past the event date through the end of the project should the project be fully funded.

Benefits of Sponsorship

Your business will benefit from leveraging  parallel promotion of Floraffiti by the Orange County Visitors Bureau, Town of Chapel Hill, the Chapel Hill Downtown Partnership, the Town of Carrboro, and the Orange County Arts Commission with the collective reach of Facebook (33,243+ likes) and Twitter (23,722+ followers).

Aligning your brand with this community project reflects to the greater community:
* That building relationships on a foundation of trust and value benefit all,
* The value your business places upon the future of the community that knows no bounds in achieving goals when they are empowered, strengthening the fabric of the community, and
* That your business values diversity and inclusion initiatives that integrate the community for the welfare of everyone.


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