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looking towards its 3rd year in Raleigh, NC, Spring 2020

Award winning creative placemaking and community engagement project, Floraffiti®, continues to grow and evolve in Raleigh, NC.

It's about your relationship with where you live and the ways you make a connection to your sense of place in this expanding, vibrant part of the Triangle… sharing stories about the sites and sounds of Raleigh, your favorite places, and where you have created memorable moments that reflect the heart of this city like no other. New connections are made among people who participate in the creation of the words, through planting them, and participating in events that are created when the words come up.

In the Sprig of 2019, Floraffiti began with a kick-off event at CAM & Artspace during the First Friday Art Walk in March. Several community workshops followed, all designed with family friendly activities to cultivate the words that were planted early March with volunteer FloraGardeners.

Thanks to all the people who helped generate the list of words and images to plant and to the ahh-mazing FloraGardeners!

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