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< Duke University >

The Sweet Life Illuminated promotes research on industry and consumptive systems with their affects on humanity and global natural environments.  It serves as a doorway for dialog, collaboration, and experimentation among the creator, students, faculty, and staff at the university.  Specific to its placement at Duke, there is an expectation of experimentation and the support for what that will yield; the byproducts, inclusive of mistake and failure, affording unknown tangential possibilities that move us forward in promotion of sustainable systems, practices, and solutions.

< Artistically Irrational Series >

This series is a collaboration with Dan Ariely's Center for Advanced Hindsight at Duke University by and artists. It intends to open a dialog as the scientific and artistic approaches can fertilize one another and open the lines of communication among two fields that have so much in common, but speak to one another so rarely, providing further reflection and resulting paralleling research.

The Series

CreativeDishonesty: Cheat Codes

PoorQuality: Inequality

<  DAG Creative Mentorship Program >

Encaustic workshops for the Student U partnership

< A.I.R. >

Artist in Residence, East Chapel Hill High School

Subjects encompassed in project: geology, history, science, math, and journalism.


< The Makery >

The Makery at Kidzu Children's Museum is focused upon the STEAM initiative, combining art and making with science, technology, engineering and math to amplify a child's understanding of self in the world.  Learning is more deeply ingrained through the process of hands on making resulting in developing the needed critical thinking skills, communication, and collaboration for an innovative future of change agents.

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