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I am inherently attracted to the urban — the commercial ’flora and fauna’ that surrounds me in the form of eye-catching marketing and packaging.   The final forms I create emerge from exploring people I encounter in my daily life coupled with my efforts to understand the motivations and effects that underlie fundamental systems. I seek to know better their inherent motivations and effects, beneficial and detrimental. I infuse my work with social, historical, and cultural references to communicate meaning, providing easy entry into dialog, which is my foremost motivation.


The integral relationship of my daily activities to what I create also reflects society’s impact upon all humans and upon the physical environment that we inhabit.  I work in large scale in order to entice my audience to consider the immensity of the issues we face in our society’s culture. I primarily focus upon the issues of overconsumption with their increasing environmental and psychological effects in addition to the value of primary communication in relationship to the digital divide, encompassing society’s level of awareness and impact. The materials I use further invite the viewer to relate to the everyday objects I've incorporated. 

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